[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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> And then they see the elf, Arsandel, that they had rescued unconscious 
> from the submarine. He is surrounded in a sickening green light as his 
> hands literally dive into the chest of one of the injured, a gout of 
> blood spurting up as the elf begins chanting "Isus vaelius imraeus 
> turani..." Above him the air is shimmering and vibrating, and then 
> there is almost a crack, like a small dimensional rift, beyond which is 
> blackness, and a black, smoking six fingered clawed hand reaches through... 

Although he started to aid the wounded, when the elf begins his summoning, Justin's Sixth Sense just about wrenches him around to face the new threat. He fires a mini-missile from each shoulder pod, pausing between them to see if the first has an effect. The first is a concussion missile aimed squarely at the ground at Arsandel's feet, the second is a plasma missile aimed into the rift, if the first missile doesn't disrupt the ritual. 

OOC: I don't know if we're in a new round or not, so I'm sending dice rolls. If we're still in the old round, please disregard anything that doesn't apply. 

Initiative Roll: 14+8 (+6 Sixth Sense) = 28. 
Concussion Missile Strike: 16+4 = 20 (non-natural). 
Plasma Missile Strike: 18+4 = 22. 
Concussion Missile Damage: 5d6 MDC on direct hit, 30' radius knockdown, 1d4 SDC to all in radius. 
Plasma Missile Damage: 1d6x10 MDC, 15' radius. 
Dodges (if needed): 4+15 = 19, 9+15 = 24, 12+15 = 27, 8+15 = 23. 
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