[Taocow PBEM] [Koba] Book 3 - Chapter V - England (private)

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> [Koba]
> His blind anger and frustration at the elf is suddenly
> broken as he freezes in place at the sight of the
> massive demon. Instinct takes over and he turns
> away from the demon to hide behind the nearest
> tree while praying that it didn't see him. "Breathe,
> it didn't see you." He softly mutters to himself.
> When he regains his composure he will take a
> peek and see if he can recognize the beast which
> has suddenly appeared. (Lore Demon and Monster)
> [/Koba]

Something about the names Vaelius finally rings a bell.
Koba vaguely remembers a demon named Vaelion,
who was bound by a sorcerer from a dimension known
as Palladium.  It was a common enough story in most
books of demonology, more of an object lesson on how
powerful summoners can create physical objects that
have the power to summon powerful beings far beyond
the capacity of the wielder.

There was never much information on Vaelion, other than
the fact that he was nasty, cruel and enjoyed dining on
humanoids.  But then again, that rather described most
demons.  Whether this Vaelius was the same as Vaelion
was hard to say.  It could be just the unusual dialect
of Dragonese Arsandel used.  Could Arsandel have been
the maker of the ring, or just a wielder?

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