[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Sat Apr 16 19:54:12 UTC 2011

ooc: A few questions

1. How close is the demon thingy to Alex?
2. Is the fighter / aircraft still attacking us?

On 04/14/2011 16:50, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> Justin's second missile screams towards the rift, and then, with a 
> movement so fast, it seems like lightning, a hand, an arm and part of 
> a shoulder are out and the hand strikes at the missile [Strike: 32], 
> knocking it astray and striking the ground a few feet from the rift 
> [Damage: 30MDC].  The missile's blast hits Justin, Ted and Arsendel, 
> as well some of the injured soldiers, probably killing some of them.
> The rift is closing quickly [Strike against demon: 15], but the 
> creature is able to leap out [Dodge: 27].  A mere moment later, there 
> is, standing there, a fourteen foot tall red-skinned creature with 
> wings, horns on its head and a mouth full pointed fangs [Horror 
> Factor: 12, see attached image].
> Carlos, Koba and Owen [Save vs. HF: 2, 6 and 7] are overtaken by the 
> sight of this thing, but the others, including Lady Frost, Alex and 
> Louissa, who can see it appear, are, while obviously taken aback, 
> maintain their composure.
> The thing looks over at Arsendel, who is lying face down on the 
> ground.  For the first time everyone notices an iron ring on the elf's 
> finger, the glowing from it fading.
> In a voice somewhere between a loudspeaker and someone dragging their 
> fingernails across a chalkboard, the creature speaks.  "My summoning 
> is incomplete.  The wielder has left me without instruction.  Without 
> purpose, I destroy."
> With that it marches towards Justin.  "I'll start with the d'zalka..." 
> it says.
> [/GM] 

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