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> > [GM]
> > ..
> >
> > The rift is closing quickly [Strike against demon: 15], but the creature
> > is able to leap out [Dodge: 27].  A mere moment later, there is,
> > standing there, a fourteen foot tall red-skinned creature with wings,
> > horns on its head and a mouth full pointed fangs [Horror Factor: 12, see
> > attached image].
> >
> > Carlos, Koba and Owen [Save vs. HF: 2, 6 and 7] are overtaken by the
> > sight of this thing, but the others, including Lady Frost, Alex and
> > Louissa, who can see it appear, are, while obviously taken aback,
> > maintain their composure.
> >
> > The thing looks over at Arsendel, who is lying face down on the ground.
> > For the first time everyone notices an iron ring on the elf's finger,
> > the glowing from it fading.
> >
> > In a voice somewhere between a loudspeaker and someone dragging their
> > fingernails across a chalkboard, the creature speaks.  "My summoning is
> > incomplete.  The wielder has left me without instruction.  Without
> > purpose, I destroy."
> >
> > With that it marches towards Justin.  "I'll start with the d'zalka..."
> > it says.
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> His blind anger and frustration at the elf is suddenly broken
> as he freezes in place at the sight of the massive demon. Instinct
> takes over and he turns away from the demon to hide behind the
> nearest tree while praying that it didn't see him. "Breathe, it didn't
> see you." He softly mutters to himself. When he regains his
> composure he will take a peek and see if he can recognize the
> beast which has suddenly appeared. (Lore Demon and Monster)
> [/Koba]

> [Justin]
> Justin, armor still smoking from the plasma blast, takes the time
> the demon uses to make that declaration to put a called particle
> cannon blast into the demon's head, aiming right between the
> eyes. Not waiting to see if he hits, he follows up with a
> roundhouse kick, parrying as needed with the strike plates on
> his cannon.
> [/Justin]

The demon attempts to dodge, but lightening reflexes are not to
avoid the blast [Dodge: 15].  The demon's head is engulfed in the
blast, and a roar of pain escapes it.

The demon manages to avoid the kick, however [Dodge: 25] and
attempts an almost judo-style attack against Justin [Strike: 28] and
avoids Justin's parry, striking his power armor with a dull metallic
thud [Damage: 20MD].

> [Justin]
> Poby and Deem, who have been shadowing the group, don't need
> any invitation to strike at something Justin is in melee combat with,
> especially something that sets off their psychic senses,
> begin circling behind to hamstring the demon.
> [/Justin]

The demon does not seem to notice the two dogs until the last
moment.  Both Deem and Poby manage to hit the demon
[Damage: 5MDC], and a few droplets of black blood drop on to the
ground and sizzle.

The demon tries to kick at Poby [Strike: 16] and misses [Dodge: 17].

> [Ted]
> Ted gets into a position where he can easily snipe the demon and
> elf without being seen. He will take one melee round to aim at the
> demon.  [Strike: 20 not natural]
> [/Ted]

Ted's well-aimed shot strikes the demon while it's busy with Justin's
dogs [Damage: 11MD].

Carlos recovers enough to fire a short burst at the demon [Strike: 17,
Damage: 15MD].

Owen throws another fireball at the demon [Strike: 4], but misses.

> [Lady Frost]
> She didn't need to be a great tactician to know what Alex
> was thinking.  Find cover.  Spinning and heading for the
> rough location she last saw the scout, she noticed the
> demon advancing on an armored man.
> "Hey Alex.  Safe to assume that red thing is not on our side?"
> She finished her sprint over to her friend, smiling faintly at
> Louissa  "Nice to see you made it.  Bet you're really sorry you
> left home now."
> Glancing up from behind the trio's cover, she made a quick
> assessment of the mess.  One demon, one ape-jet, and a
> large number of people she had no idea about.
> Still, big red things from a rift tended to mean bad things
> from what everyone had told her.  Then again, she wasn't
> from here either.  Maybe this was someone's idea of calling
> for help.
> She looked back to the other women.  "You sure that's not
> just a really ugly ally?"
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Alex]
> "I think it is out of control," Alex responds. "Whatever its
> purpose, I have a bad feeling about this."
> Alex asks the rune dagger, "Do you know what this creature is?"
> At the same time, she fires a concussion grenade at it as long
> as there is nobody in the group (or the ninjas or knights) near it.
> [Strike: 6]
> [/Alex]

Alex has a good shot, but perhaps the wind or some other force
knocks the grenade out of line.  It hits the ground and explodes
[Damage: 4MD].

The demon is knocked down, but unfortunately so is Justin, who
suddenly finds he and his power armor lying on their side.

> [Alex]
> The scout will try to keep an eye out to what the jet is doing as
> well.
> [/Alex]

The jet is now above the cloud ceiling and can only be distantly heard.
Moments later it appears again, and behind it is a very large hover
platform, several hundred feet across and roughly shaped like a distended
dragon.  At least three more jets are launching from it, and looking like
they're towards the company, with what looks like bombs, rather than
missiles, attached to their wings.

"Holy fury beetle dung!" Louissa shouts.  "What the hell is that.  We need
to get to cover now!  To hell with demons and crazy elfs!"

She immediately radios the rest of the company.  "We've got a very
nasty air assault coming in.  If we don't find cover, our bad day is
going to get

Meanwhile, the demon moans and tries to get up, and as it does, Arsandel
shows signs of consciousness.  "What... what are you fools doing?" he asks
weakly, the ring on his hand now glowing very bright.

A number of the soldiers are now pointing to the sky.  "Oi oi!  Bloody
Splugorth bombing run!" one of them shouts, and those still able to begin
dragging their fallen comrades towards the forest.

Aaron Clausen
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