[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England OOC

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> The demon is knocked down, but unfortunately so is Justin, who 
> suddenly finds he and his power armor lying on their side. 

> Meanwhile, the demon moans and tries to get up, and as it does, Arsandel 
> shows signs of consciousness. "What... what are you fools doing?" he asks 
> weakly, the ring on his hand now glowing very bright. 

Justin rolls away from the demon, and up to his feet facing it. (OOC: I'm assuming it's still the same round, so the existing dice rolls should be good) and attempts to shoot it again as he does so, parrying any strikes the demon makes if he can, prioritizing defense over shooting. As he does so, he yells "Summoning Named Lords never improves anything!" 

> A number of the soldiers are now pointing to the sky. "Oi oi! Bloody 
> Splugorth bombing run!" one of them shouts, and those still able to begin 
> dragging their fallen comrades towards the forest. 

OOC: Justin will attempt to keep an eye on the planes, and when they release their bombs, will attempt to jump over their blast area; He should be able to, unless he's knocked down at the time, given his jumping range. 
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