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The jet is now above the cloud ceiling and can only be distantly heard.
Moments later it appears again, and behind it is a very large hover
platform, several hundred feet across and roughly shaped like a distended
dragon.  At least three more jets are launching from it, and looking like
they're towards the company, with what looks like bombs, rather than
missiles, attached to their wings.

"Holy fury beetle dung!" Louissa shouts.  "What the hell is that.  We need
to get to cover now!  To hell with demons and crazy elfs!"

She immediately radios the rest of the company.  "We've got a very
nasty air assault coming in.  If we don't find cover, our bad day is
going to get

Meanwhile, the demon moans and tries to get up, and as it does, Arsandel
shows signs of consciousness.  "What... what are you fools doing?" he asks
weakly, the ring on his hand now glowing very bright.

A number of the soldiers are now pointing to the sky.  "Oi oi!  Bloody
Splugorth bombing run!" one of them shouts, and those still able to begin
dragging their fallen comrades towards the forest.

[Lady Frost]
"Oh that.    That would be the airship I just escaped from.  Getting the hell out of Dodge might be a good idea."
She pointed and turned the area under the fleeing soldiers into an ice ramp, speeding up their escape into the forest considerably, albeit with a lot less control.
"I'll distract the demony thing, you two round everyone up and boogie.  I'll catch up."
She sprinted out from behind the cover and headed for the big red demon, hurling a spray of ice shards at it as it tried to get to it's feet.
[/Lady Frost]
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