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On 04/28/2011 08:04, Koba Rowers wrote:
>> [GM]
>> Meanwhile, the demon moans and tries to get up, and as it does, Arsandel
>> shows signs of consciousness.  "What... what are you fools doing?" he asks
>> weakly, the ring on his hand now glowing very bright.
>> A number of the soldiers are now pointing to the sky.  "Oi oi!  Bloody
>> Splugorth bombing run!" one of them shouts, and those still able to begin
>> dragging their fallen comrades towards the forest.
>> [/GM]

Alex ducks for cover when the bomber goes into its attack run. At the 
moment, she considers the She will wait until the aircraft is climbing 
up from its attack. At that time, she will fire a three round burst. At 
a stabilizer if one is visible, otherwise the main body

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