[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Justin, Ted, Carlos, Owen, Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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Mon Aug 8 15:07:10 UTC 2011

The lizard man thinks for a moment and then turns to the girl. "All right. We will let you out, but if you betray us, you will not see daylight again."

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"Okay, little one." Louissa says gently. "Just settle down. I've got to talk to my companions."

She gestures for everyone else to move out of earshot.  "Listen," she says quietly, "maybe Owen can't sense anything weird, but it's still weird to me. What do we do?  I don't want to leave a little girl to die, but I sure don't want to free some demon just because we can't sense anything wrong with it."

She looks at Ted squarely. "What do you want us to do.  You said she's really an old woman.  What did the old woman say?"

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