[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Justin, Ted, Carlos, Owen, Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> Louissa follows suit. "What did you see, Sir Justin?" she asks 
> nervously. "I'm looking at a tearful little girl, what are you looking at." 

> Suddenly the air around the little girl seems to shimmer, and then 
> standing there is an old woman, human in appearance, but with pale 
> flesh, long white hair down to the ground, her mouth like a jagged maw 
> in a sea of wrinkles. 

> "Why don't you tell them, Ted Smythe!" she screams angrily. "Tell them 
> why you need to free me!" 

> Then the air seems to shimmer again, and this time facing the company is 
> a horrifying create, like an octopus with too many eyes (at least eight) 
> and too many tentacles (more than twenty, most long and spindly, but 
> three or four looking thick and strong), and with mottled yellowish 
> glowing skin. It stands about man-height and the main body is perhaps a 
> little wider than the average man. Beyond even its appearance, an 
> almost tangible atmosphere of horror exudes from the cell. 

> "Free me, and I will aid you." a voice that sounds somewhere between 
> gravel rubbing together and a thunderstorm says. "Ted Smythe will die 
> if you do not." 

Justin recovers enough to stand up, though he doesn't draw his weapon. "That, at least by appearances, is an Old One. The fact we're still able to think our own thoughts probably puts it in the least ranks, unless that cell is a good bit more mystically secure than it looks. I suspect we've discovered why this delving is abandoned, and why our dwarven acquaintances left in such a hurry. As for what I saw, I can isolate myself from all external influences, but it makes me a bit polarized to Order when I do it. Encountering a strongly aligned Chaos entity can be nauseating in that state, even when the entity is attractive." 
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