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[Lady Frost]Frost doesn't make any efforts to keep the grief from her voice, but there doesn't seem to be any tears on her icy face, though perhaps that's only due to the cold."I'm called Lady Frost.  We'd like to pay our respects to our friend, that is if you have a few words left in you Father.  His name was Osiris Blake.She slowly walked towards the rough monument, staring at it as if concentration could fix the events of the day.[/Lady Frost]
[Alex]Alex takes a deflated breath. Going through so much. Seems like almost everybody she knows dies.
"Thank you. I hope he had a good death." There is a stuffiness in her voice as if fighting back tears.
Pausing for a moment, "I am Alex Hawk, a simple wilderness scout."

> [GM]
> Within moments, the two riders come into view.  One of the riders is wearing body armor styled very much in Medieval fashion, visor pulled down so the face is not visible.  This rider sits atop a very large warhorse.
> The other rider is in somewhat different armor, Medieval in appearance, but differently styled.  More surprising about this rider is that its face is visible and it appears to be a bipedal wolf.  Just as surprising is the rider's horse, a very large cybernetic one.
> Both riders slow to a trot and then stop.  The rider in the helmet lifts the visor to reveal a middle-aged man with a bushy moustache, several old scars on his face and a patch over the right eye.
> "Roit then!" the man says in a thick accent.  "Who be the two o' you, then, eh?  You part of the battle?  Do you know what happened to the missing company?  Speak quick, this damned place makes me skin crawl."
> The wolf-man looks at the other knight.  "I think, Signore Fletcher," he says in an accent that if anything sounds Italian, "that their lost friend and the fallen are one and the same."
> "It is I," the wolf-man says, "who buried the man who lies that mound. He was a Cyberknight, no?  In our land, and in this land of New Camelot, they are held in the highest esteem, and it seemed only proper to I and my companio that he be given a proper burial.  If he was a comrade of yours, then I extend my condolences."
> "I am Father Francisco Montessoro," he continues, "and my companion is Signore... or Sir, excuse my poor English, Sir Edmund Fletcher, Knight of New Camelot.  We are searching for what happened to the lost company.  We found a few of their bodies, but not enough to account for them all, and among them we found the Cyberknight.  But this place, the Faeries have made it their own and it is not safe for those on two legs.  If you can help us, we would be most grateful."
> [/GM]

-- If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope of reward,
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