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(( pretty sure they were, but Frost is less likely to know who's who than Alex is. ))

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OOC: They may be talking about the knights that are down in the Dwarf
cavern still.


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> [Alex]
> Alex smiles in thanks back to the priest. "Thank you," she states.
> After a pause for a few moments, she states, "I am not sure where they
> went." The less said about her shooting at them the better. "There was an
> attack by Splugorth minions and things got pretty confused."
> [/Alex]
> ooc: Any tracks of the knights she has seen
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>>> [GM]
>>> ...
>>> "It is I," the wolf-man says, "who buried the man who lies that
>>> mound. He was a Cyberknight, no? In our land, and in this land of
>>> New Camelot, they are held in the highest esteem, and it seemed only
>>> proper to I and my companion that he be given a proper burial. If he
>>> was a comrade of yours, then I extend my condolences."
>>> "I am Father Francisco Montessoro," he continues, "and my companion
>>> is Signore... or Sir, excuse my poor English, Sir Edmund Fletcher,
>>> Knight of New Camelot. We are searching for what happened to the lost
>>> company. We found a few of their bodies, but not enough to account
>>> for them all, and among them we found the Cyberknight. But this
>>> place, the Faeries have made it their own and it is not safe for
>>> those on two legs. If you can help us, we would be most grateful."
>>> [/GM]
>>> [Alex]
>>> Alex takes a deflated breath. Going through so much. Seems like
>>> almost everybody she knows dies.
>>> "Thank you. I hope he had a good death." There is a stuffiness in
>>> her voice as if fighting back tears.
>>> Pausing for a moment, "I am Alex Hawk, a simple wilderness scout."
>>> [/Alex]
>>> [Lady Frost]
>>> Frost doesn't make any efforts to keep the grief from her voice, but
>>> there doesn't seem to be any tears on her icy face, though perhaps
>>> that's only due to the cold.
>>> "I'm called Lady Frost. We'd like to pay our respects to our friend,
>>> that is if you have a few words left in you Father. His name was
>>> Osiris Blake. She slowly walked towards the rough monument, staring
>>> at it as if concentration could fix the events of the day.
>>> [/Lady Frost]
>> [GM]
>> "Father, we don't have time for..." Sir Edmund objects, but Father
>> Francisco waves his hand.
>> "No, my friend," he says, "these are the friends of a brave man, a man who
>> dedicated his life to the freedom and safety of others.  They are right to
>> ask for this."
>> The priest leaps effortlessly off the massive cybernetic horse and lands
>> on the ground with the skill of a gymnast.  He walks over to the grave, bows
>> to the cross atop it, making the sign of the cross.
>> "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship
>> of the Holy Spirit be with you all." he begins.  "Our heavenly father,
>> please except this brave warrior, this knight of the people, Osiris Blake,
>> into your warm embrace.  He died bravely and the defense of those who the
>> weakest among us, your sheep, who call to you, even if they know not your
>> name.  He received your high calling, and with no thought to his safety,
>> kept his vows until death overcame him."
>> He raises his hand and then begins to recite a ritual.  "I believe in God
>> the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth: And in Jesus Christ, his
>> only begotten Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of
>> the Virgin Mary: Suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead and
>> buried: He descended into hell: The third day he rose again from the dead:
>> He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father
>> Almighty: From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead: I
>> believe in the Holy Spirit: the holy catholic church: the communion of
>> saints: The forgiveness of sins:
>> The resurrection of the body: And the life everlasting. Amen."
>> He bows to the cross and then turns to Alex and Frost.
>> "My friends," he says, his voice laden with emotion, "we have paid our
>> respects to the fallen, and now it is the business of the living that must
>> concern us.  If you were in Osiris Blake's company, then you were in the
>> company of knights and soldiers of New Camelot.  Where are they?  The time
>> is short, I fear, and if the Faeries find us here, our troubles will
>> multiply greatly."
>> [/GM]
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