[Taocow PBEM] [Lady Frost, Alex] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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>> [GM]
>> "My friends," he says, his voice laden with emotion, "we have paid
>> our respects to the fallen, and now it is the business of the
>> living that must concern us. If you were in Osiris Blake's company,
>> then you were in the company of knights and soldiers of New
>> Camelot. Where are they? The time is short, I fear, and if the
>> Faeries find us here, our troubles will multiply greatly."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex smiles in thanks back to the priest. "Thank you," she states.
> After a pause for a few moments, she states, "I am not sure where
> they went." The less said about her shooting at them the better.
> "There was an attack by Splugorth minions and things got pretty
> confused."
> Transmitting on the groups private frequency using scramble, Alex
> tells the group in a quick message, "Found Osiris. Unfortunately, he
> has passed beyond the world."
> [/Alex]

[Father Montessoro]
"I know only too well the confusion of the battlefield." the priest 
says.  "Still it is one of our errands..."
[/Father Montessoro]

> [Alex]
> Alex states, "I got confused on who you meant. They took cover
> underground but should come back up shortly. We all hid underground
> due to Splugorth attacks
> [/Alex]

> [Lady Frost]
> "Oh, yeah. they'll be coming up over there. Right where I propped the
> door open."Frost points behind them towards the spot they came out
> of.
> "Speaking of that, we may want to catch up to the others. Who knows
> what trouble they've gotten into by now without us to keep them
> safe. She gave another solemn nod to the grave, and then slowly
> turned to walk back.
> "Thank you for the words Father. If it wouldn't be too much trouble,
> could you maybe have someone come out here once in a while to make
> sure everything's in order? With our lives, it might get a bit tough
> to come back and take care of the place very often."
> [/Lady Frost]

[Father Montessoro]
"It is Faerie territory now," Father Montessoro replies.  "I will, 
however, instruct my brethren here to do what they can."

He begins to follow Lady Frost.  "And now to our task at hand.  Sir 
Edmund, I beg of you to leave now and make your way back to the meeting 
place.  If all goes well, I shall return with your lost company in a few 
hours.  If not, then give my regards to the King."

He beckons to Alex.  "I recommend you come with us.  Waiting for us 
above ground may become exceptionally dangerous very soon.  The faeries 
are wrathful, and will not care much whether you are Splugorth minions 
or just passerbyers."

[OOC: Assuming Alex comes...]

Again Alex and Lady Frost enter the tunnel.  Father Montessoro, despite 
his armor, moves very quietly.  He pulls out a flashlight to illuminate 
their way down the stairs and through the tunnel.  He urges great speed, 
clearly wanting to get to the knights as soon as possible.

After several minutes of travel through the tunnel, they suddenly hear 
cries of fear at the other end.  "Come!" cries the priest, pulling an 
energy pistol out in one hand and a cross-shaped vibro-dagger in the other.

A minute later they are into the cavern, looking down on the Dwarf gate 
below, and out a pool at its feet several tree thick tentacles grabbing 
at knights, a few curved black teeth surfacing out of the water and 
nashing with the sound of a hundred steel knives.
[/Father Montessoro]

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