[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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> The Keep is a hive of activity, every hand, even the cook, has been
pressed into service mounting weapons or taking the wounded to the medical
facility. It's clear that they expect combat very soon.
> [/GM]

The German man parks his vehicle in an out of the way spot and proceeds to
pull a small arsenal out of the boot. In addition to his brace of pistols
he adds an energy shotgun- in a holster attached to his lower back- and
slung an energy carbine over his shoulder.

> Louissa looks very concerned, and turns to her companions. "I think this
is a 'frying pan into the fire' situation we have here."
> [/Louissa]

Oz nodded at that. "We should've made for New Camelot, trying to make it
through the forest. Here, we're sitting ducks at best, maybe looking at a
siege." He lifted the visor of his helmet up, revealing a man in his early
thirties, relatively attractive, with dark eyes and hair.

He smiled at the assembled group. "Osmar Wolz. But anybody who gets bombed
along with me can call me Oz."


[Little Girl]
> She begins to laugh uncontrollably and falls to the ground, rolling
around with insane mirth.
> [/Little Girl]

Oz quirked an eyebrow at the little girl, obviously wondering what she was
on about.
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