[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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> One of the baron's officers, a man named Sir Havalard, who has dined with
a couple of times, is busily giving instructions to a young woman in
knight's armor, and she crisply salutes him.
> "Yes, Mr. Wolz." Sir Havalard says. "How can I assist you?"
> As the knight is talking to Oz, there's a cry from one of the watches.
"They're bombing the town!"
> [/GM]

Oz waves his hand at the group. "You can see this is a well armed group,
Sir Havalard. Is there anywhere in particular you would like to have a
group of well armed irregulars?"

He turns to look up in the sky, scanning for bombing aircraft or plumes of
smoke from the ground, more to gauge the direction of attack than anything

> "Do you think the Baron would be upset if we decided to hightail it now?
I'm all for spontaneous acts of bravery, but this looks like suicide."
> [/Louissa]

Oz shrugged. "I suspect that if we, ah, 'high tailed it' now, we would get
bombed into oblivion before we could reach any sort of cover." He gestures
the group closer and looks to make sure Sir Havalard wasn't close enough to

"I have heard there is an escape tunnel somewhere in the keep, but I have
not seen it. It supposedly exits a good distance from the keep proper. We
could attempt a search, but that is as likely to be a futile effort as not."
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