[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Thu Dec 15 08:59:29 UTC 2011

Alex will continue offering cover fire until the last minute. Her rifle 
likely has the best range and while not a sniper, she is a pretty damn 
good shot, a nautural

On 12/14/2011 09:23, Karl Prosek wrote:
> [Ted]
> > "Given the strange nature of this world, we will probably see them 
> again," Ted grumbles.
> [/Ted]
> [Oz]
> From behind the wheel, Oz looked around to get his bearings. He had 
> spent a good deal of time in and around the capitol and was reasonably 
> certain he could navigate the refugees to safety from anywhere near 
> the city.
> [/Oz]

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