[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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>> [GM]
>> ...
>> Behind the company, in the sea, can be seen what must be the
>> Kittani boats. They're racing towards the coast, not directly at
>> the company, but close enough that within about five or six
>> minutes they'll be close enough to spot the company directly.
>> The geography of the area is a narrow beach and shelf of grassy
>> land, with steep hills leading inland. The hilltop itself has a few
>> small stands of trees, but other than that looks to be grassy with
>> rock outcroppings. As far as the eye can see to the north and the
>> south the land appears in this trend. At the very edge of sight for
>> optics, perhaps some seven or eight miles away to the north, is
>> another village, also, it seems on fire. The Splugorth and their
>> allies are hitting villages in this area, it seems.
>> The company seems to have a few choices; stay in the minisub and
>> try to move with stealth up or down the coast (north or south),
>> check out one or the other of the burning villages, or head
>> inland.
>> [/GM]

> [Koba]
> "I'm afraid I've excused what I can do with his escape sub. I'm
> navigating basically on instinct. It looks like those creatures are
> not only after us. The whole coast looks like it is bombarded. We
> need to get out and move onward. Justin, I'm glad you were able to
> help us but, I think even you can't take on a ship's worth of those
> beasts." Seemingly exhausted, Koba slumps back against the seat.
> [/Koba]

> [Justin]
> "I might manage it, but the odds aren't good, nor are the stakes
> desperate enough to risk it. I hate running into poorly educated
> villains, though. You'd think a multi-dimensional trading power
> would train their troops to recognize the dangers of disregarding a
> death threat from a native speaker of Thari with my accent. I suppose
> it's been a while since any of my family has visited Atlantis, I'll
> have to make a point to keep that promise I made, if only to prevent
> future troubles."
> [/Justin]

> [Osiris]
> Osiris throws Justin a frowning sideways glance, "You're a pretty
> peculiar Cyberknight." he says flatly. "We will talk later. For now,
> lad, give me a hand and let's get out of here."
> [/Osiris]

> [Justin]
> Justin will help Osiris if he needs help moving. He answers Osiris
> "My great-grandfather trained me, but he's a bit hard to define.
> He's made it his goal in life to become the absolute master of every
> form of combat in existence, and he was a student of Lord Coake at
> some point in the past. He never actually named the style of combat
> and or the origins of the code of chivalry he trained me in directly,
> he always acted like him training me as a knight was a joke on Lord
> Coake somehow. I even have a sealed pouch to deliver to Lord Coake,
> the first time I see him, which I suspect to be some form of
> practical joke."
> [/Justin]

"You might be surprised." Osiris says.  He accepts Justin's aid.

> [Owen]
> "Lets get away from the water. we don't have a viable boat here, and
> getting distance from the shore might get us a better shot at
> finding transportation we can use."
> [/Owen]

> [Alex]
> Alex replaces the e-clips on her C-12 with fresh magazines. "When I
> get a chance, I need to recharge these."
> She takes a deep breath, "My training on the water is very basic. I
> would feel more confident with my legs on firm ground."
> [/Alex]

> [Carlos]
> "I concur. I feel all trapped in this submarine. If there's a
> passage inland that we can avoid these scum, I say we take it."
> [/Carlos]

OOC: Welcome back Aaron #3!

> [Koba]
> "Alright. Let's try to take a path between these villages. Anyone
> who is able to take a quick look at one of these villages to see
> what's going on without being seen? We should know why this is
> happening. Alex?"
> [/Koba]

"I'll do it." she says.  "I'll just do a quick run that way and meet you 
at the top of the hill.  Everybody, divy up our unconscious guests and 
get lifting."  She points to the Elf, Arsandel, the woman Etta and to 
the rescued sailor from the boat [OOC: Justin will recognize him as the 

With that she leaps from the minisub and swims towards the shore, making 
her way across the beach as fast as she can and into the grass.  She 
shows some skill at this disappearing from view, betrayed only by the 
odd blade of grass moving.

OOC1: If anyone wants to follow Louissa, just follow suit.

OOC2: As Louissa pointed out, there are three unconscious people to 
carry.  I'm assuming our strongest PCs will do the heavy lifting here.

While Louissa beats a stealthy path towards one of the villages, the 
rest of the company disembarks, glad to be leaving the ocean behind, 
though mindful of the dangers nearby.

The storm behind them seems to be gaining new strength, and the rift, 
despite being underwater, is glowing bright enough that it is giving the 
ocean beyond a dim bluish hue, like an underwater lightbulb.

Within a few minutes the beach is left behind as the company makes their 
way up the hillside.  It is a good half mile until the company reaches 
the top.  At the top, they can more clearly see the battle being waged 
below, or more accurately an invasion.  The defenders, made up of maybe 
two dozen armored vehicles, a few Triax power armor and perhaps sixty 
armed men and women who, by the looks of it, are more likely local 
militia than any kind of regular army.  They are woefully outnumbered, 
and appear to be making for some sort of hill fort perhaps four or five 
miles away as a last stand.

Ahead of the company lies a land of rolling hills.  It's too dark to see 
many features, but what is visible is what looks like a caravan of 
people and vehicles moving slowly inland and away from the coast. 
Numbers are hard to estimate, but there are perhaps a hundred people on 
foot and about two dozen vehicles.  They are heading roughly northwest 
and are about a half a mile away.  To the east and curving in a wide arc 
to the north is what looks like a forest, the nearest eaves of which are 
perhaps a mile away.

Then the company sees three of dreaded Splugorth Slaver barges swooping 
down on the caravan.  There is intermittent gunfire, but these people 
look ill-equipped for a prolonged firefight, and it seems likely that 
many will be captured.  The only upside to this is that the Slavers seem 
unaware of the company, and if they use some stealth they might be able 
to reach the cover of the forest undetected.

Louissa, however, has not yet returned. [OOC: And if anybody has gone 
with Louissa, neither have they...]

Aaron Clausen

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