[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone but Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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> "I don't think that we are in the best condition to help them right now. We have too many injured 
> or unconscious and were missing two others. I think out best chance right now is to get 
> everyone to the biggest city around here and hope they have defenses that can hold off these 
> attackers." Koba looks around at the unfamiliar landscape without any sense of bearing. " 
> Anyone know where we are or how to get there?" 

Justin finishes offloading the wounded, and will carry one, while offering an arm to Osiris to help him walk, saying to Koba "I'm new to the region myself, literally just arrived yesterday from somewhere considerably further away than the far side of the planet. Other than being able to point to where I was aiming for before being diverted by a dimensional standing wave to here, I don't know much about the surrounding area." 

> "If was in any shape, I'd be in the middle of that right now." Osiris 
> says sadly. "But I'm no position to get there. What say the rest of you? For the forest, 
> or do we try to kick some Slaver ass? At the very least we should get a hold of 

Justin, while supporting Osiris, answers him "I'd be a pretty sorry excuse for a knight if my own inclination on the matter were anything but 'bring down justice upon the wicked' here, but quite a few people here aren't in any condition to be more than target practice for the enemy. So until we can get the wounded to a relatively sheltered spot, it limits our options. But just because I'm not shooting, doesn't mean I'm not doing anything...unpleasant...to those monsters. Let's just say karma may be closer than they think, and it has teeth in rather unexpected ways." 
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