[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone but Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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> "If was in any shape, I'd be in the middle of that right now." Osiris 

> says sadly. "But I'm no position to get there. What say the rest of you? For the forest, 
> or do we try to kick some Slaver ass? At the very least we should get a hold of 

OOC: One other thing... 

Justin takes the opportunity to perform Psychic Diagnosis on Osiris, looking for exactly what all is wrong with him (injuries old and new, maimings, cripplings, cumulative effects of old age, etc). Then he apparently begins meditating rather intently on something, though he continues to walk and make conversation, he seems highly distracted by something. 

OOC: Anyone with active aura sight who happens to glance at Justin will see his normally rather orderly aura suddenly become profoundly so, to the extent it looks more like an artist's conception of an aura than a real live one. Then it starts to show lensing effects, as if the light of it were being bent by an unusually strong gravity source...a smallish singularity, perhaps... 
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