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> OOC: Ignore my previous post. Clearly that one was from an alternate 
> Rifts Earth. Curse you Megaverse!!!!! 

OOC: A sentiment my character often shares, heh... 

> OOC: It's been a while since anyone did astral projection. My general 
> rule is to treat this the same way one would in table-top play, and that 
> is just to post what the astral projector is seeing, with the assumption 
> that he or she would tell the rest of the party anyways. 

OOC: On that note, I should mention that Justin looks a bit odd from the Astral plane. Nothing inhuman, but he's got what looks like a heat ripple around him, almost like a gravitational lens effect on light that bends it around him. It's not visible to people outside the Astral, but from the right perspective, he appears to be a bit more solid than everything else around him. 

> Osiris is suffering from partially healed multiple fractures to his 
> legs. He also shows many signs of a long, hard life, and suffers many 
> "elderly" ailments like arthritis in his hands and partial blindness in 
> one eye, possibly from a serious 
> head injury. 

OOC: All or most of which is at least partially fixable psionically, once Justin has time to work. But this is not that time. 

> As the company closes the gap with the forest, they can see the 
> villagers having some success against the Splugorth. A few 
> fantastically lucky shots and what looks like an obscenely lucky grenade 
> attack take out one slaver barge, which smashes into the ground with 
> with a loud explosion. 

Justin, upon witnessing this, chuckles and mutters "Karma has fangs today." under his breath. Those without enhance hearing are likely to miss it, but Osiris is close enough to hear it clearly. 

When the pseudo-ninjas make their appearance, Justin glances around calmly, still apparently in a meditative trance state, and answers "The name of your realm strikes me as apt, as I at least am quite lost. I am a knight, I hold no enmity for anyone, save those who seek to wreak injustice and evil. But be warned, while I come as a friend to those who would be friends, I am also a worthy foe, if you should so choose." 

OOC: Justin is still doing his meditation. If anyone looks at him with aura sight (such as the ninjas), his aura is profoundly Order aligned, and actually producing a gravitational lensing effect on the space immediately around him. Any sensory spell cast at him simply registers white noise or nothing at all. The lens effect isn't visible to normal sight, and it's not magic, but it IS a bit odd... 
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