[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 20:48:21 GMT 2011

>> [GM]
>> At that moment the barge smashes into the deck of the boat,
>> crashing through it and literally slicing the boat in two. Within
>> moments the two halves begin taking on what and quickly sinking.
>> The sheer force of the crash sends everyone, members of the
>> company, fish men, crew and warrior women flying.
>> Alex, Ted, Louissa and Carlos manage to hold on to anything they
>> can find, but Koba, Justin, Owen and Osiris find themselves in the
>> water. Osiris, in particular flounders, his useless legs making
>> swimming impossible with armor on. The people they rescued off the
>> sub are nowhere to be seen.
>> Above the other two barges arrive, and the company still on the
>> shattered deck suddenly find shimmering nets descending upon them.
>> For the members of the company in the water, it's little better as
>> the fish men, being apparently mainly fish, recover quickly enough
>> and move to surround them; above and below the water.
>> The only hope of rescue seems to be the damaged minisub still
>> floating nearby.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin swims over and grabs Osiris with his free hand, adjusting his
> compensator to the new load as he does so. He'll then move over to
> the mini-sub, to put his back to something. If Osiris has sealed
> environmental armor, Justin will dive under and put their backs to
> the bottom of it, otherwise he'll pick the side of the sub facing
> the sinking boat.
> [/Justin]

OOC: Osiris has environmental armor.

Osiris doesn't use his radio, but gives Justin a nod of thanks and a 
thumbs up.

> Poby and Deem are just about at their least effective swimming
> underwater, so Justin points at the top of the sub with his sword,
> and issues orders to them "Poby! Deem! Overwatch, Guard!"
> [/Justin]

The two dogs, with some difficult, get on top of the sub and, in the 
storm and bluish light of the nexus, look not unlike warrior canine gods.

> [Ted]
> Ted makes his way toward the nearest solid object.
> [/Ted]

Ted swims towards the mini-sub, though the going is rough.  Still, his 
physical strength and endurance are more than a match for the stormy waters.

OOC: I'm going to assume that Koba gets off the sinking ship and does 
the same.

> [Alex]
> Using telepathy, Alex will scout anybody who is not swimming and
> help them towards solid objects
> Anybody who is able to help, she will also see if she can dragoon
> into it.
> [/Alex]

OOC: I'll volunteer Owen and Koba :)

Alex, with her magnified psychic abilities, is able to find five people 
below the water.  Two are struggling and two are unconscious.

Louissa, Koba and Owen, on Alex's direction dive below and assister her. 
  They find two of the crew of the boat, the Elf named Arsendel and the 
navigator Etta.  Both Arsendel and Etta are still unconscious, and Etta 
is not breathing.

Behind them, a few of the crew are still putting up a fight on the 
sinking ship, firing on the barges.  The approaching Kittani ships, 
however, quickly dispense with them with a few well-placing missiles 
that reduce the boat to flaming flotsam.

The two remaining barges, on the other hand, continue towards the 
company, as does several fish men, whose swimming capabilities far 
exceed most of the company.

The loud voice again booms.  "Surrender is your only option.  This is 
your last chance.  Further resistance will lead to your destruction."

The company is rapidly running out of options.  Osiris is the only 
conscious person capable of piloting the mini-sub, Alex, Louissa, Koba 
and Owen are burdened with unconscious or disabled people they have 
rescued, and only Carlos, Ted and Justin are completely free to open 
fire.  The barges are now no more than eighty feet away, the closest 
fish men about forty.  It's hard to estimate how far away the Kittani 
boats are, but they're probably within a thousand feet and closing fast. 
  The nearest land, not visible from the water line, is at least two 
miles to the north.

Aaron Clausen

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