[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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ooc: The reason why you are likely to get so few postings is because 
players generally HATE prisoner situations. From such games in the past, 
I tend to feel exactly the same way.  The gear which Alex has are part 
of what makes her able to compete with those much more powerful than her 
and be an asset to the team.

"Maybe you will win, maybe you will lose, but we will take how many more 
of you with us," Alex yells.
She will then target one, switching to the canister, and firing long 
burst at the next platform.

On 01/05/2011 15:48, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>> [
> [GM]
> Alex, with her magnified psychic abilities, is able to find five 
> people below the water.  Two are struggling and two are unconscious.
> Louissa, Koba and Owen, on Alex's direction dive below and assister 
> her.  They find two of the crew of the boat, the Elf named Arsendel 
> and the navigator Etta.  Both Arsendel and Etta are still unconscious, 
> and Etta is not breathing.
> Behind them, a few of the crew are still putting up a fight on the 
> sinking ship, firing on the barges.  The approaching Kittani ships, 
> however, quickly dispense with them with a few well-placing missiles 
> that reduce the boat to flaming flotsam.
> The two remaining barges, on the other hand, continue towards the 
> company, as does several fish men, whose swimming capabilities far 
> exceed most of the company.
> The loud voice again booms.  "Surrender is your only option.  This is 
> your last chance.  Further resistance will lead to your destruction."
> The company is rapidly running out of options.  Osiris is the only 
> conscious person capable of piloting the mini-sub, Alex, Louissa, Koba 
> and Owen are burdened with unconscious or disabled people they have 
> rescued, and only Carlos, Ted and Justin are completely free to open 
> fire.  The barges are now no more than eighty feet away, the closest 
> fish men about forty.  It's hard to estimate how far away the Kittani 
> boats are, but they're probably within a thousand feet and closing 
> fast.  The nearest land, not visible from the water line, is at least 
> two miles to the north.
> [/GM]

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