[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 21:15:56 GMT 2011

OOC: Don't worry.  I don't have any intention of making you prisoners of 
the Splugorth.  Quite frankly, they're too good a villain, in other 
words, once captured, it's damned unlikely that you will be "un-captured"


On 05/01/2011 1:12 PM, Kitsune wrote:
> ooc: The reason why you are likely to get so few postings is because
> players generally HATE prisoner situations. From such games in the past,
> I tend to feel exactly the same way. The gear which Alex has are part of
> what makes her able to compete with those much more powerful than her
> and be an asset to the team.
> [Alex]
> "Maybe you will win, maybe you will lose, but we will take how many more
> of you with us," Alex yells.
> She will then target one, switching to the canister, and firing long
> burst at the next platform.
> [/Alex]
> On 01/05/2011 15:48, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>>> [
>> [GM]
>> Alex, with her magnified psychic abilities, is able to find five
>> people below the water. Two are struggling and two are unconscious.
>> Louissa, Koba and Owen, on Alex's direction dive below and assister
>> her. They find two of the crew of the boat, the Elf named Arsendel and
>> the navigator Etta. Both Arsendel and Etta are still unconscious, and
>> Etta is not breathing.
>> Behind them, a few of the crew are still putting up a fight on the
>> sinking ship, firing on the barges. The approaching Kittani ships,
>> however, quickly dispense with them with a few well-placing missiles
>> that reduce the boat to flaming flotsam.
>> The two remaining barges, on the other hand, continue towards the
>> company, as does several fish men, whose swimming capabilities far
>> exceed most of the company.
>> The loud voice again booms. "Surrender is your only option. This is
>> your last chance. Further resistance will lead to your destruction."
>> The company is rapidly running out of options. Osiris is the only
>> conscious person capable of piloting the mini-sub, Alex, Louissa, Koba
>> and Owen are burdened with unconscious or disabled people they have
>> rescued, and only Carlos, Ted and Justin are completely free to open
>> fire. The barges are now no more than eighty feet away, the closest
>> fish men about forty. It's hard to estimate how far away the Kittani
>> boats are, but they're probably within a thousand feet and closing
>> fast. The nearest land, not visible from the water line, is at least
>> two miles to the north.
>> [/GM]

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