[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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> The two dogs, with some difficult, get on top of the sub and, in the 
> storm and bluish light of the nexus, look not unlike warrior canine gods. 

OOC: Probably not gods. Demigods, maybe. They are after all culls from the breeding program, not the pick of the litter. But they would look pretty shiny in that armor... 

> The loud voice again booms. "Surrender is your only option. This is 
> your last chance. Further resistance will lead to your destruction." 

Justin will touch his helmet speaker to Osiris' helmet, and use it to ask "If I leave you here, will you be alright?" 

If the answer is negative, Justin will use the sub as cover, and maneuver Osiris to the nearest hatch. 

If the answer is affirmative, Justin will push Osiris to the nearest hand-hold on the sub, swap his katana to his off-hand, and draw his beam cannon, activating his targeting sensors as he does so. Priority targets are any fish men approaching into melee range of the sub, or firing at it with distance weapons. 

Either way, he'll activate his radio, and say in Elven "I am no easy target, and my kin will avenge my death. I offer you this chance to withdraw. Or I'll be paying your master a visit in the future that he will not thank you for, if you are so unfortunate as to survive my wrath." 
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