[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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> The net brushes along the submerging sub, almost half-alive, seeking out like 
> clutching fingers. Koba is protected inside the sub, and Owen, Justin, Carlos, 
> Alex and Ted manage to get out of its way. 

> Osiris [Dodge: 5] and Louissa [Dodge: 14] are not so lucky. As soon as the net 
> touches them, they go limp and the net closes around them and the warrior 
> women immediately lift the net up. They're faces are impassive, but the Slaver 
> is laughing horribly. 

> The sub is now almost totally submerged, and while the Kittani boats 
> are now close by, the sub itself may be safe from the Slaver's net. Of the company, 
> only Koba, along with those that were saved, is inside the sub. The hatch will soon have to 
> be closed, or Koba will have to cancel the dive. 

Justin slings his rifle, leaving him with just his katana, in the water next to the sub. He points at the barge, and commands his dogs "Poby, Deem! Follow!". He then gathers himself, and leaps upwards, using the sub as a spring board. As he goes past the slaver platform, he'll try to grab the side of it, and turn the momentum of his leap into a twisting, curving motion, essentially a sideways power kick, both feet straight into the main body of the nearest warrior woman. Ideally one of the ones holding the net, but any will do. 

Once aboard, assuming he makes it, and the kick is done, he'll attempt to make sashimi out of the slaver itself with his katana, generating a psi-sword in his off hand. 

OOC: There isn't really a skill for what he's attempting, but the closest match I can think of would be to combine a strike roll (grab) with a gymnastics skill check to backflip followed by another strike roll (roundhouse kick). Since we may be in a new round, I'm including initiative. Here's my rolls; If you need others, let me know. 

OOC: Poby and Deem will attempt to leap onto the barge when the opportunity presents itself, and will engage the other two warrior women. 

Initiative: 14+8, 22 
Strike (grab): 16+10, 26 
Gymnastics - Backflip: 67% skill, roll of 20 
Strike (roundhouse kick): 18+10, 28 
Kick Damage: 90 MDC 
Katana strikes: 18+11 (29), 11+11 (22), 11+11 (22), natural 20+11 (31) 
Katana damage: 14, 12, 6, 15 
Dodges/Parries (if needed): 15+15 (30), 4+15 (19), 19+15 (34), 17+15 (32) 
Poby Initiative: 11+2 (13) 
Deem Initiative: 8+2 (10) 
Poby Strikes: 15+3 (18), 9+3 (12), 10+3 (13) 
Deem Strikes: natural 1 (ouch), 14+3 (17), 13+3 (16) 
Poby Damage (body block for first attack, then claws): 2 MDC, 1 MDC, 4 MDC 
Deem Damage (body block for first attack, then claws): 1 MDC, 2 MDC, 2 MDC 
Poby Dodges (if needed): natural 20+3 (23), 10+3 (13), 19+3 (22) 
Deem Dodges (if needed): 2+3 (5), 8+3 (11), natural 1 (the dice hate my dog!) 
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