[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> Louissa looks at Justin with great curiosity. "Some time you're going 
> to have to tell us about your family. The closest we've gotten to 
> diplomatic relations is rail gun fire." 

"It's mostly a matter of mutually assured destruction. My great-great-great-grandfather created the most powerful runic artifact array in history. The thing is sentient, and it's the next best thing to the mainframe reality runs on. If it came down to a fight to the finish, the likely end result is my entire family dead due to sheer numbers of Splugorth forces, and nobody would ever be able to find a trace of the dimensions the Splugorth controlled. Way too costly all around. So we mostly glare at eachother across bargaining tables, though the odd individuals will take eachother out from time to time. Speaking of which, I owe Splynncryth a very bad day in the near future." 

> The knight bows. "Aye, we are as you, and if we can, we do not leave 
> our fallen to picked apart by the crows... or worse." 

> "Then it's agreed." she says. She turns to the dwarf. "I thank you and 
> your father for the offer, but we have business here. Perhaps we will 
> meet again, and we will be able to repay you for aiding us." 

> One of the knight shouts to his men. "Alright, let's be about it then. 
> Pack your gear, fix up proper stretchers for the wounded, and let's be 
> ready. Half an hour. Make sure your guns have got fresh e-clips. We 
> don't know what's waiting for us." 

"I'll be able to lead you to where Sir Osiris fell. My dogs can tow a travois or two, if you can rig them up." 

> Owen looks around. "Did anybody notice where Ted went? We should find 
> him now. Half an hour isn't a long time." 

"I saw him head down one of the tunnels." Justin points it out. 
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