[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> Louissa laughs grimly. "If there are still Splugorth minions out there, 
> you may get your chance." 

"I meant that literally, minions are just higher ranked slaves, they're Splugorth victims too. It won't stop me from shooting back, but I do intend to at least remove a limb from Splynncryth himself. He has over half a dozen, he can spare one." 

> The knight nods his agreement and orders one of his men to prepare a 
> couple of stretchers. 

> Owen's face goes blank for a moment. Then he pulls out his gun. "Ted 
> needs our help." He starts moving towards where Justin last saw Ted. 

Justin will lead the dogs over to the knights. He'll explain to the knight "Just hook them up securely. These two are more than smart enough to handle the rest. My great-uncle bred them to be the ultimate war, hunting and service dogs. The only thing wrong with these two is they don't have the right looks. As for me, it sounds like I'm needed down the tunnel." He'll follow Owen down the tunnel Ted took, leaving Poby and Deem with the knights. 
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