[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> [...] 

OOC: Well, he DOES. =) 

> As Justin leaves, the knight thanks him. 

Justin acknowledges the thanks with a nod, before heading after Ted. 

> It takes a minute or two to find the right tunnel, but soon enough they 
> find him in a passage with several rooms that appear to be prison cells, 
> with iron bars. Ted has his gun aimed squarely at someone inside one of 
> those cells. 

> As they approach, they see a little girl inside the cell, about seven or 
> eight years old, kneeling on the stone floor hands clenched together, 
> tears in her eyes. 

> "Please don't let the lizard man hurt me." she pleads. "He put me in 
> here and now he's gonna kill me." 

OOC: That situation just doesn't add up right... 

Justin will glance briefly at Ted, and comment to the rest of the group "Where precisely does a little girl come from in an abandoned delving?" He takes a closer look at the rest of the cell, any runes or markings worth noting? 
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