[Taocow PBEM] [Lady Frost, Alex] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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Lady Frost and Alex make their way back up to the entrance of the
tunnel.  It's a tougher haul up the passage as it slopes upwards, and it
takes the better part of twenty minutes to reach the stone steps that
lead up to the hatch.

There is no sound of gunfire or explosions now.  In fact, there's a dead
silence above.  The battle seems to have been won, though by whom is
impossible to say.

The hatch is still locked, and even Lady Frost's strength seems
insufficient to lift it.  After a few minutes of vain struggling, Alex
and Lady Frost here a click, and then the hatch opens, and fresh
forest-scented air rushes in.

When they poke their head out, they see an astonishing sight.  There's
no sign of the grassy plain, but rather trees stretching off into the
distance where just a short few hours ago there was battle.  The trees
don't look new, but are full grown oaks and elms, some that even appear
to be quite ancient, centuries old even.

It's getting dark out, suggesting twilight, but enough light leaks
through the canopy above to reveal here and there between the trunks are
mounds, all fresh wet earth.  Off in the distance they see one large
mound, topped by what looks like a white cross.

Then they hear the beating of hooves nearby.  At least two, maybe more,
horses are approaching.

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