[Taocow PBEM] [Koba, Justin, Ted, Carlos, Owen, Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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"Ted. Where did this little girl come from? Strange for her to be down here in the first place." 

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>>>> [Justin]
>>>> Justin will lead the dogs over to the knights. He'll explain to the
>>>> knight "Just hook them up securely. These two are more than smart
>>>> enough to handle the rest. My great-uncle bred them to be the
>>>> ultimate war, hunting and service dogs. The only thing wrong with
>>>> these two is they don't have the right looks. As for me, it sounds
>>>> like I'm needed down the tunnel." He'll follow Owen down the tunnel
>>>> Ted took, leaving Poby and Deem with the knights.
>>>> [/Justin]
>>> [GM]
>>> As Justin leaves, the knight thanks him.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Justin]
>> Justin acknowledges the thanks with a nod, before heading after Ted.
>> [/Justin]
> [...]
>>> [GM]
>>> While Lady Frost and Alex make their way towards the entrance
>>> of the tunnel, the rest of the company moves to give Ted a hand.
>>> It takes a minute or two to find the right tunnel, but soon enough
>>> they find him in a passage with several rooms that appear to be
>>> prison cells, with iron bars.  Ted has his gun aimed squarely at
>>> someone inside one of those cells.
>>> As they approach, they see a little girl inside the cell, about
>>> seven or eight years old, kneeling on the stone floor hands
>>> clenched together, tears in her eyes.
>>> "Please don't let the lizard man hurt me." she pleads.  "He put
>>> me in here and now he's gonna kill me."
>>> [/GM]
>> [Justin]
>> Justin will glance briefly at Ted, and comment to the rest of the
>> group "Where precisely does a little girl come from in an
>> abandoned delving?" He takes a closer look at the rest of the cell,
>> any runes or markings worth noting?
>> [/Justin]
> [GM]
> There are shackles and manacles hanging off the wall, all very old
> and very rusty, to the point where they look like they might fall
> apart without too much effort.  There are some faint markings that
> look almost like scrape marks, like someone's fingernails or claws
> were scraping the side of the wall.  It's hard to tell what exactly
> might have made them without getting in the cell to get a closer
> look.
> The girl herself is in rags, seems thing almost to the point of
> emaciation, and has dirt smeared on her face.
> [/GM]
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