[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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>> [GM]

>> Alex, on the other hand, is glowing brightly. Her eyes are
>> literally shining as she stands over the demon's corpse. The knife
>> itself is literally singing, like a high pitched pipe organ.
>> Justin's dogs, Poby and Deem, bark frantically and with a tinge of
>> fear, backing away from Alex. Their tails certainly aren't between
>> their legs, but they don't look nearly as brave as they did when
>> facing the demon.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin will (without touching anyone or anything) use See Aura
> followed by Psychic Diagnosis on Alex. He won't back away just yet,
> but anything that can make one of his great-uncle's hunting hounds
> nervous is usually worthy of respect. He will ask Alex, however:
> "You OK?"
> [/Justin]

[Lady Frost]
Looking up from the ground where she was, even Frost seems a little surprised by this new direction the CS scout has taken.  She quickly recovered though, be it by having seen too much to be heavily shocked, or by having seen waay too much to still be sane was anyone's guess however.
"Kind of a new way to get yourself an afterglow, you think Alex?"
Picking herself up and dusting the demon dust off herself, she glanced up and back towards where the bombers were still cruising, then over to the forest at the edge of her impromptu slippyslide.
"Don't mean to be a downer, but everyone else went that way and we should probably follow.  Where's Lou?"
Following her own advice, she hefts the unconscious, armless elf who apparently summoned the demon over her shoulder, stopping briefly to pick up his ring a few feet away.  Last time she saw a magic ring it sucked in a very, very good friend of hers.  Might be good to check out.
Then she hopped over to her own ice ramp and skated to the edge of the trees.
"Come on you people.  Short bus is leaving!"
[/Lady Frost]
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