[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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> [Alex] 
> "I don't know," Alex responds. "A good Coalition girl is not suppose to 
> know much about magic." 

> Got any ideas on how to get rid of pen up magical energy?" 

> In the meantime, Alex will try punching a rock. Sounds like as good an 
> idea as anything. It looks like somebody trying to relieve too much 
> adrenaline. 
> [/Alex] 

"I feel I should advise you, that according to my aura sight, there are two of you in there. Both appear to be you, but one of you lacks psionics and magic, while the other seems to be both a powerful psychic and a powerful mage." Just in case this statement provokes a response, Justin will be ready to dodge. 

OOC: Dodge roll (if needed): 14+15=29. 
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