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          "I feel I should advise you, that according to my aura sight,
          there are two of you in there.  Both appear to be you, but one
          of you lacks psionics and magic, while the other seems to be
          both a powerful psychic and a powerful mage."  Just in case
          this statement provokes a response, Justin will be ready to

"That is weird," Alex responds.
[Lady Frost]
"Yeeeah, can we discuss that somewhere else?  Somewhere more bombs aren't going to drop on us from out of the blue?   Maybe in there where the rest of this crowd slid to."  She gestured to the woodland side of her ice ramp.
[/Lady Frost]

> Koba is confused as this unexpected tentacle grabbed his feet and is now dragging him to who knows where. Pulling his pistol, he will take a couple shots at the tentacle grabbing at his legs before screaming over the radio "Help, something is attacking us from the forest!"

Realizing that he needs help, Alex will turn in that direction, drawing her rifle and offering cover fire.
[Lady Frost]
She sighs with exasperation  "We can't take you folks anywhere, can we?  Something's always attacking us from somewhere."
{/Lady Frost]
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