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>>> [GM]
>>> "By the gods, snake man!" the white haired dwarf shouts. "Now's
>>> not the time for questions. You've got a damned army about to
>>> land on your head, and some mad faeries itching to get to you
>>> first. The Lady says she knows you folks, you helped her out, and
>>> she's returning the favor. We call her Hafrizelam, which in your
>>> ugly tongue might be called the Nameless Lady. But I'm not
>>> getting into another fight with those miserable faeries, so make
>>> up your minds fast."
>>> The old man's son points and shouts in a very guttural language
>>> something that sounds like "Z'krak!" The company, looking behind
>>> them and seeing the large hover fortress landing and dozens of
>>> heavily armed Kittani leaping out, get's the drift of the
>>> younger fellow's exclamation.
>>> A number of the soldiers that Frost had helped rescue are
>>> running, staggering or crawling towards them now, their wounded
>>> on their backs or being dragged by them. "Save us to, Master
>>> Dwarf!" one of them cries. The poor soldiers don't look like they
>>> have a hope in hell on their own.
>>> "I don't know about that..." the older dwarf, Snoru mutters.
>>> [/GM]

>> [Lady Frost]
>> "Well you better learn it real fast then. If you let us in, you're
>> letting ALL of us in. I don't care if you kick them back out on their
>> butts after this mess is past, but you're not leaving them out here
>> to die. Period."
>> Still glaring at the little man (who she refuses to call a dwarf)
>> she motions to Koba."I could use a hand speeding up those soldiers a
>> bit, soon as Smurfy here makes up his mind."
>> [/Lady Frost]

> [GM]
> "Z'krak!" the older dwarf curses. "Then you get them down this tunnel
> and fight off the faeries. Thur and I have to prime the gate. And
> shut the damned door behind you!"
> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "And why is that?" the lizard man asks while providing cover fire
> for the others as needed.
> [/Ted]

"'Cause we're here as a favor, and we're not big fans of the gods-almighty wonderful Knights of New Camelot, whose duty besides saving humans from dragons also involve finding novel ways to tax our shipments." the old dwarf replies.  "I'd just as soon the Kittani took a few of 'em out."

[Lady Frost]
"Only two things are certain in life, little guy.  Death and Taxes."  Frost looks around briefly.  "And I'm not really sure about the first one anymore."
Turning towards the incoming soldiers, Frost sprinted over to them and took over carrying the most heavily wounded, running them back to the cave entrance, or hole, or borrow, or whatever these little guys wanted to call it.Setting those two down for the others to take care of, she then sprinted back to the group, continuing to assist the slowest Knights as best she could."Move it or lose it people.  The little kahuna isn't gonna hold that door open forever."
[/Lady Frost]
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