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OOC: Sorry for the delay in answering. I got a new computer, and have been having trouble getting my new computer to read files off the old one's hard drive; As such, I had some trouble with passwords and the like. I still haven't gotten access to the drive, so I can't refer to Justin's character sheet at the moment. =( 

> OOC: Just going to correct this a bit. Apologies to Alex and Justin's 
> players for the mixup. 

OOC: Thanks for clarifying that. 

> The rock is literally pulverized, chunks of it flying in every 
> direction. Alex feels a little better after expending some of the 
> built-up power. 

Justin leans over to Alex and in a lowered voice says "If you need a hand getting a handle on that, I can offer a few tips. Strength like that runs in my family. One of my great-uncles is strong enough he can't use standard guns, he breaks triggers." 

> The old man's son points and shouts in a very guttural language 
> something that sounds like "Z'krak!" 

OOC: Is that in Dwarvish? 

> "'Cause we're here as a favor, and we're not big fans of the 
> gods-almighty wonderful Knights of New Camelot, whose duty besides 
> saving humans from dragons also involve finding novel ways to tax our 
> shipments." the old dwarf replies. "I'd just as soon the Kittani took a 
> few of 'em out." 

Justin will make a hand signal to Poby and Deem, directing them into the hole. He'll take up a guard position at the entrance, until everyone is inside. "I've got rear guard. I'm not particularly affected by Faerie magics, and my armor is impervious to most of their weapons. Plus, my mere presence will make them a bit nervous, especially once they get closer." 

OOC: Justin resumes his meditation, as he stands guard. Not pushing it as hard as before, but enough to raise his defenses. 
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