[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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"I am not privy to all my kingdom's knowledge of foreign lands."
Louissa explains.  "But I have heard that King Arr'thu is young but is
a wise and just king.  His chief counsellor, Mrrlyn, is said to be one
of the wisest men in the world.  Still, it is Alex and myself that are
to be tried, for good or bad, so I think maybe the two of us should
have a larger voice in this.  If this is a Splugorth invasion, then
even the most just king might decide to lock us up and ask questions
later.  Right Alex?" she looks over at her red-haired companion.

[Lady Frost]
"King Arthur and Merlin?  Seriously?  huh.  Well, if they're anything like what I remember from reading, they're probably fair and just.  Though that doesn't mean a whole lot during an invasion like Lou said.  Might be worth it just to see how close they are to the originals though."
Frost sat down on the floor and looked about.  She needed to go somewhere quiet so she could change back and reorient herself.  She had all her things, but she wasn't wearing it all so much as just carrying it in her other form.Then she noted the group again and how few people in it she recognized.
Alex, of course.  She'd been there from the start.  The only one left who was it seemed.  She made a mental note to keep half an eye on her friend.  She probably didn't need it, but nasty things had a way of sneaking up on you in this place.Louissa was here too.  She smiled a little, glad to see the starstruck elf chaser actually had some fire and pluck to her.She vaguely remembered Koba from their escapades on that little island 'no one must set foot on'.  Even her thoughts added the voice of doom to the phrase, to her amusement.A small frown broke across her face when she noted Ted, remembering all the conflicts they'd had in the past, but she was a little too frazzled to maintain it.  Nor did she really want to.  He'd clearly helped keep her friends alive all this time, however long that was, so he at least earned her gratitude.  Friendship might be a little harder in coming.Owen, she knew the face, but that was mostly it.
And as seemed typical for this group, there were new faces.  The armored guy who tried to help her out on the beach and the elf she had just put down a few moments ago.
Then she took a second look around, this time including the soldiers they'd rescued.
"Alex, where's Osiris?"
[/Lady Frost]
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