[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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Gazing around the room he sees the immensity of the cave that they are in.
Despite just being led in here, it is highly doubtful that he could find his
way back out to the entrance even if he wanted to so staying put in a good
idea to him. The muffled sounds of the battle now heard only through feet of
solid rock are a relief to this old man now weary from one disaster after

After the group is led to the large chamber, Koba can take the long needed
break and remove his helmet. His hair (what little is left from the thinning
hairline) is matted to his head along with the dust and dirt by the sweat of
his brow. Now breathing unrecycled air, the dank and musty air of the cave
is a change.

As the others discuss the merits of returning to face the justice of a king
they hardly know, Koba will sit off to the side on a small rock. Quiet and
reserved, he seems to be kicking around a pebble on the floor. "I can't
believe I vouched for that man." he mutters only barely audible amongst
rambling to himself. "Arsendal is an evil we should have dealt with, but now
I have helped save a elf who knowingly consorts with demons." Now overcome
with regret, exhaustion, or anger he collapses his head into his hands and
sits alone.


On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Ted Smythe <ted_smythe at yahoo.com> wrote:

> [Ted]
> Arthuu and Mrrlyn, huh? The lizard shook his head. He asked aloud, "Who was
> it that fired on the soldiers anyway?"
> OOC: If it was Ted, forgive me. I honestly don't remember.
> [/Ted]
> --- On Tue, 6/21/11, Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com> wrote:
> [Louissa]
> "I am not privy to all my kingdom's knowledge of foreign lands." Louissa
> explains.  "But I have heard that King Arr'thu is young but is a wise and
> just king.  His chief counsellor, Mrrlyn, is said to be one of the wisest
> men in the world.  Still, it is Alex and myself that are to be tried, for
> good or bad, so I think maybe the two of us should have a larger voice in
> this.  If this is a Splugorth invasion, then even the most just king might
> decide to lock us up and ask questions later.  Right Alex?" she looks over
> at her red-haired companion.
> [/Louissa]
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