[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> There are a few rumors circulated in the Coalition about Atlantis but don't know 
> what to believe. Anybody know more about them?" 

Justin is examining the stonework nearby when Alex asks her question, and answers Alex "Atlantis is run by a Splugorth by the name of Splynncryth, who is about the most pleasant of his species ever to slither out of the Abyss. Splugorth in general are your standard lesser Old Ones out to take over all of creation, though most will do it economically as readily as they will through force of arms. As lesser Old Ones go, Splugorth are positively cuddly, they'll just enslave you, rather than devour your soul. Splynncryth's life goal, as far as anyone can tell, is to be the richest, and most powerful merchant in the megaverse." 

Justin will do his poking around without visibly waiting for a response, though he'll listen for one. 

> "Alex, where's Osiris?" 

> Alex will look around herself. If he is not there and was not vaporized in the combat, she will > state, "We need to go back and get him." By now, everybody knows that Alex has a rule of > never abandoning a companion. 

Justin winces a bit at this, and speaks up, from within the archway of a nearby passage, his voice echoing a bit "He won't be needing a rescue. I suppose we could find enough of him to bury, but that's about it. Explosions are odd things, at times. It barely touched me or anyone around us, but took him apart. I remember where most of him is, though. Once things quiet down a bit topside, I can show you." 
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