[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> "Splugorth slavers sometimes come into our area." Louissa replies. 
> "We've had a couple of people claiming to be escaped slaves describing a 
> pretty scary place, but who knows whether it's true or not." 

> "Sounds like the world's nastiest shopkeeper." Louissa laughs. "Wonder 
> why they were so interested in us?" 

"If you're human, there's not many places that are scarier. My family has a consulate there, but mostly to act as a channel for diplomatic protests. We really don't like eachother much, but there's a healthy, wary respect on both sides. In Atlantis, there are only three things that are illegal to buy or sell. Anything relating to killing dragons, dragon body parts, and Splugorth state secrets. Everything else is for sale by someone, sooner or later, and never forget the place is run for demons by things that are worse than demons. As for what they want, it could be anything from one of you escaping the slave pens to one of you having something someone wants badly. Might not even be you, could be just a major slave raid out there." 

> And it is several hours. The two dwarves can be heard talking, 
> sometimes arguing, in their strange guttural language. Whether they're 
> making any progress on the gate or not is hard to say. 

OOC: Translation? Or is it dwarven techno-babble? 

> "Sirs... ma'ams," he says, "we're keen to get back to the surface. Our 
> wounded need more than the field dressings can offer 'em. If you come 
> with us, we'll be willin' t' put in a good word and explain the mix up. 
> I think a captain once called it the 'fog of war' or some such thing." 

> He lowers his voice. "I wouldn't trust these dwarves 'ere as far as you 
> could throw 'em. The King's a good man, and if your kingdom has an 
> ambassador 'ere, why I'm sure it can be all sorted out. Up to you." 

"And if it can't, I've got a couple talents in my bloodline that make me the ultimate jail break walking. I realize it's a risk, but if the King proves to be unworthy of the title, I can probably break us out in about ten minutes." 

> At that moment, the younger dwarf starts walking towards the company. 
> "We've sorted out the gate well enough, I think." he says. "We'll open 
> the doors to the outside once we're on our way." He looks to the 
> company, "If you're coming with us, best be about it quick. The Lady 
> says you should, makes no difference to us one way or the other." 

OOC: I read back a bit, and it seems to be the younger dwarf, Thur, who has been opening doors and the like for the party. If I'm mistaken, please correct the following bit to address the proper dwarf: 

Justin walks over to the dwarf "I find myself wondering. Are you of the royal line of Muraz Star-Brow, or a more distantly related clan member? Family legend has it that my grandfather's grandfather, Lord of the House of the Unicorn, more than once fought beside the fathers of the dwarves. Two of the great lines reside in my homeland to this day, and they believe the line of Muraz to be extinct." 
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