[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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And it is several hours.  The two dwarves can be heard talking, sometimes arguing, in their strange guttural language.  Whether they're making any progress on the gate or not is hard to say.

Above, the distant sounds of battle go on for another or two before fading away, until the only sound is a few hushed conversations.  The injured soldiers are stabilized, and soon enough the soldier that had come up to them earlier returns.

"Sirs... ma'ams," he says, "we're keen to get back to the surface.  Our wounded need more than the field dressings can offer 'em.  If you come with us, we'll be willin' t' put in a good word and explain the mix up.  I think a captain once called it the 'fog of war' or some such thing."

He lowers his voice.  "I wouldn't trust these dwarves 'ere as far as you could throw 'em.  The King's a good man, and if your kingdom has an ambassador 'ere, why I'm sure it can be all sorted out.  Up to you."

At that moment, the younger dwarf starts walking towards the company. "We've sorted out the gate well enough, I think." he says.  "We'll open the doors to the outside once we're on our way."  He looks to the company, "If you're coming with us, best be about it quick.  The Lady says you should, makes no difference to us one way or the other."

[Lady Frost]
Frost stayed silent, almost immobile in her small corner during the wait.  Now she stood slowly, wearily.  "Yeah, you're a wellspring of compassion Stumpy.  The rest of you can do whatever you want, but I'm going out there and.."  She broke off for a moment.  "...seeing what I can do for Osiris.  If you're still around after that, I'll be along."
She turned to the soldiers.  "I don't know if the way you treat fallen knights is the same as his, but if you could give him the respect he deserves, I'd be really appreciative."
[/Lady Frost]
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