[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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> [Alex]
> "I suspect that it is more than just a plague, some kind of magic curse. I
> am not a Line Walker however so don't know all that much about magic."
> "I will get back as fast as I can," Alex responds.
> Turning towards Louissa, "Burdened as we are, I think we might want to see
> if we can find somewhere to scope out these horseman. A sniper can be
> extremely useful."
> Alex is thinking that she is going to need to find someone to care for this
> child as quickly as she can
> [/Alex]

Louissa nods in agreement.  "Sounds like a plan.  They're to the northeast,
so if we can manage it, let's keep below the top of the hill and out of sight."

As fast as Alex and Louissa would like to go, the threat of the Splugorth
is still present, and forces them to move with care back into the high grass.
Within a few minutes they find the trail through the grass that the rest of
company must have taken.

The baby puts up a good deal of fuss, making an approach much more
difficult.  It begins to cry and seems quite inconsolable.

Louissa finally loses patience, and then takes the baby from Alex.  "You're
the Scout, not me.  I'll stay down here.  If you need me, signal me.  We
don't want this baby tipping anybody off."

Alex, unburdened, can now fully use her skills.  She creeps up to the top
of the hillside and can clearly see her companions surrounded by eight
well-armed horsemen dressed in black.  All but one still has a black mask
on, and that man certainly doesn't look like a Splugorth minion.  The
unmasked horseman is in conversation with Justin and Osiris (Osiris
is being held up by Justin).  She can also see Ted on the ground, not
exactly looking healthy.

Alex's trained eye can see movement in the forest beyond.  She can't
estimate numbers, but there are at least a dozen, possibly more figures
in the bush.  By their movement and skills in the trees, they clearly must
be very skilled at moving in and above woodlands, and by the way they've
all but masked their presence, must be as skilled as Alex herself.  What
they're relationship to the horsemen that have surrounded her companions
is not clear, however.

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