[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Looking back and forth at Alex and Osiris, it seems that they are having a silent conversation with someone but who is still unclear. Being out of his element here, Koba will say nothing. Since the cyberknights seem to know these riders, Koba will sling his rifle and watch. 

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> OOC: And a bit more for Alex...
>> [GM]
>> While Osiris is in no position to respond, she sees him clearly nod his
>> head.
>> She can now clearly see some of the figures, dressed in black, some moving
>> down to the forest floor taking positions that are clearly snipers' choices
>> to give the best shot at the members of the company. Other than getting into
>> position they make no other move.
> A few moments later Alex also sees Osiris frown and gives a slight shrug.
>> [/GM]
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