[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 22:38:11 UTC 2011

On 10/03/2011 2:26 PM, Kitsune wrote:
> On 03/10/2011 17:22, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> OOC: Just to be clear, Alex is not in sight and no one other than
>> Osiris even knows she is nearby... I'll edit Koba's post if Koba
>> isn't around by the time I make the post.
> ooc: Does nobody else have a radio either as gear or in a helmet?

OOC: Did you want Alex to broadcast that to everyone?  You had said that 
Alex just broadcast it to Osiris, but if you would like, it can go out 
to everybody.

Aaron Clausen

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