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> With that the company sees the flash of laser fire coming from the 
> south. There's a cry of pain and they hear someone fall to the ground. 

> Quite suddenly everything explodes into action. Probably around twenty 
> black figures, looking not unlike ninjas, explode out of the underbrush 
> or leap from the trees. With impressive speed they're energy rifles are 
> out and aimed in the direction of the weapons fire. Meanwhile, the 
> riders leap off their horses and kick them to make them flee back into 
> the woods, or at least out of the line of fire. 

Justin, primed for action by Ted's warning, is unsurprised, and snaps into action at the first laser flash. He hits the tongue switch in his helmet for thermal overlay, as he spins, sharpshooter quickdraws his particle beam cannon, and puts several blasts into the heat source nearest where the enemy shots came from . 

OOC: Justin's Sharpshooter trick is to fire accurately while moving. And if nothing else, the 
muzzle of the weapon that fired the shots ought to be warmer than ambient for at least a few 

Dice Rolls: 
Initiative Roll: 19+15 (34) 
Strike Rolls: 16+7 (23), 20+7 (natural twenty; 27), 13+7 (20), 2+7 (9), 15+7 (22) 
Dodge Rolls (if needed, extra +1 vs ranged): 16+15 (31), 18+15 (33), 10+15 (25), 13+15 (28) 
Damage Rolls: 40 MDC, 50 MDC, 30 MDC, 60 MDC, 40 MDC 

> The Knight looks at Justin and Osiris. "I think you have not been 
> completely forthcoming with me. I was distracted by the Splugorth 
> attack, but should have seen the signs of secret conversation. Best 
> tell me whether that shot was from one of yours now, or if my men find 
> it on their own, it will go badly for all of you." 

> While several guns are pointed to the south, a number are pointed at the 
> company as well. 

OOC: Justin's reaction may preempt this bit; His reaction turns his back on the British Ninjas, so hopefully they'll treat him as at least not shooting at them, and with any luck, he doesn't get backshot. He's got them mentally tagged as friendlies if not outright allies, so none of his dodges would apply against them at all. He's ignoring the guns aimed in his direction. 
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