[Taocow PBEM] [OOC] Chapter V - Explanatory Note (or IT'S AN AMBUSH!?!?!?!?!?)

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OOC: Well, put simply, Justin can't. Nobody gave him the group's encryption (it's not something you just hand out to random strangers) and without it, frequency agile doesn't work. So unless someone is sending a tightbeam signal so tightly beamed it's effectively lasing Justin's armor, or the signal is being broadcast to everyone nearby (in which case the British Ninjas can hear it too), Justin simply doesn't have the radio data to react to. 

OOC: What he has is a short range telepathed warning of an imminent ambush, an introduction to someone who seems to be a close ally or friend of someone Justin considers an ally, and then that probable ally suddenly gets shot by an unidentified sniper in an ambush. Justin has been primed by the telepathic message to be ready to defend against an ambush, so he's doing so. 

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ooc: I want to ask if anybody has been responding to Alex on the radio 

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