[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone but Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England REPOST

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OOC: Forgot a little bit

>> [Sir Burton - the lead knight]
>> Sir Burton looks at Koba and Owen angrily. "I'll take that and the
>> Cyberknight's near outburst as confirmation that whoever is firing on
>> us is one of yours. And we had no intentions of surrounding your
>> party, we were on our way to deal with the Splugorth minions."
>> He looks to Justin. "I thank you for your assistance, though your
>> companions may not."
>> He looks to the rest of the party. "Now signal your companion to
>> lower his weapon and stand up with hands in the air. Any tricks and I
>> may lose what little composure I have left. And all of you, keep your
>> weapons where I can see them."
>> [/Sir Burton]
> OOC: And a little more...
> [GM]
> In the distance, the company can see more fire between the British
> ninjas and, presumably, Alex. She appears to hit one of them. Then,
> moments later, another shot from maybe eighty or ninety feet away from
> Alex sprays the grass where two of the ninjas probably are.
> [/GM]
> [Sir Burton]
> Sir Burton seems ready to make some sort of a nasty order...
> [/Sir Burton]
> [GM]
> ...when, all of sudden, there's a loud roaring above everyone's head.
> They look up to see a fighter jet of some kind losing control several
> thousand feet above and to the north. It is being pursued by five other
> jets, much more distant, though, oddly, they all appear to be of the
> same make with the same colors.
> The lone jet manages at the last minute to pull up and stabilize before
> punching into the ground, possibly within feet of the whole company. It
> is now racing towards the coastline again, the other five jets far above
> and maneuvering possibly to engage.

One of the knights shouts "What in the blazes are those filthy Kittani 
chasing one of their own for?  Have one of ours gotten a hold of one of 
those Splugorth jets?"
> [/GM]

Aaron Clausen

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