[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England ... and even more

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Tue Mar 29 22:24:54 UTC 2011

>>> [GM]
>>> Alex finds better cover a few feet away by a small hump of earth
>>> which, at least, shades her from any kind of IR scan. She cannot
>>> see any more movement, but she's very conscious of the fact that
>>> those tracking her are likely still doing so, even if they may have
>>> temporarily lost her position.
>>> [/GM]

>>> [Louissa]
>>> Louissa's voice sqwacks over the radio on a secure channel. "Alex,
>>> I'm hearing gunfire. Do you need assistance?"
>>> [/Louissa]

>>> [GM]
>>> Alex's sixth sense is going off again.
>>> [/GM]

>> [Alex]
>> "We have a problem," Alex responds. "Being stalked."
>> [/Alex]

> [Louissa]
> "Oh..." she says. "I'm coming... out."
> [/Louissa]

>> [Alex]
>> Alex will pop up, fire a shot [Strike: 11] and then retreat back
>> again
>> [/Alex]

> [GM]
> Alex hits the stalker she's shooting at [Dodge: 4, Damage: 20MD]. She
> hears a faint whistle, sounding very much like a bird, but which Alex
> knows is a signal.
> [/GM]

> [Louissa]
> Louissia creeps up, marks where Alex fired, and sprays the area [Strike:
> 16].
> [/Louissa]

> [GM]
> The stalker doesn't even see this other attack coming, and is it, along
> with another one [Damage: 21MD].
> [/GM]

> [Louissa]
> "That'll show 'em." Louissa gloats quietly over the radio.
> [/Louissa]

> [GM]
> At that moment, Alex and Louissa hear roaring over head. They look up to
> see a fighter jet of some kind losing control several thousand feet
> above and to the north. It is being pursued by five other jets, much
> more distant, though, oddly, they all appear to be of the same make with
> the same colors.
> The lone jet manages at the last minute to pull up and stabilize before
> punching into the ground behind Alex's companions, but is racing towards
> her position at maybe a sixty feet above the ground.
> [/GM]

> [Louissa]
> Louissa shouts "What the f..." Then her radio goes silent.
> [/Louissa]

> [GM]
> Alex's sense of danger is going off madly. Though whether it's her or
> Louissa that's now in danger is hard to tell.
> [/GM]

The lone jet seems to race towards the ocean, and then the canopy bursts 
off of the jet and somebody is ejected.  Their seat parachute bursts 
open but it's too low to the ground to do much good and they hit seconds 
later at a rather high rate of speed.

A figure can be seen inside the pilot seat of the jet, as the jet 
suddenly decelerates pretty rapidly.  The pilot looks to be trying to 
steer it back towards the pursuing jets, who have shot past, not 
expecting their quarry to slow down.  But something seems to go horribly 
wrong, as the jet, instead of picking up altitude, instead slowly banks 
to the left and then hits the ground.  Moments before it does, the pilot 
can be seen jumping out of the jet, but what happens to them is masked 
by the impressive explosion and fireball as the jet carves its way into 
the grassy plain.

Alex can plainly see the figure that jumped out of the plain hit the 
ground.  A cloud of dirt is raised as it literally burrows a trench 
through the grass and soil before coming to rest.  She then sees, as the 
dust settles, the figure more clearly.

The figure is a woman, shreds of clothing and armor on her, her body 
glistening white like an ice sculpture.  It's none other than her 
companion, lost at the temple of Rath-Iren, it is Lady Frost!
Aaron Clausen

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