[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Wed May 4 20:14:05 UTC 2011

>> [GM]
>> Meanwhile, the demon moans and tries to get up, and as it does,
>> Arsandel shows signs of consciousness. "What... what are you fools
>> doing?" he asks weakly, the ring on his hand now glowing very
>> bright.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin rolls away from the demon, and up to his feet facing it and
> attempts to shoot it again as he does so [Strike: 24], parrying any
> strikes the demon makes if he can, prioritizing defense over
> shooting. As he does so, he yells "Summoning Named Lords never
> improves anything!"
> [/Justin]

The next shot hits the demon [Damage: 40MD].  The demon is showing some 
injury now.

The demon cries out "Your soul I will eat!" as it flails out with its 
arm to try to punch Justin [Strike: 11] but Justin easily parries 
[Parry: 25].

> [Ted]
> The lizard man takes careful aim on the elf's hand. [Strike: 17]
> [/Ted]

Ted's shot hits Arsandel's hand [Damage: 15MDC].  It literally takes the 
entire arm off.  The elf screams in agony and pain and writhes on the 
ground.  The ring, unbelievably, lands on the ground a few feet away.

>> [GM]
>> A number of the soldiers are now pointing to the sky. "Oi oi!
>> Bloody Splugorth bombing run!" one of them shouts, and those still
>> able to begin dragging their fallen comrades towards the forest.
>> [/GM]

> [Lady Frost]
> "Oh that. That would be the airship I just escaped from. Getting the
> hell out of Dodge might be a good idea."
> She pointed and turned the area under the fleeing soldiers into an
> ice ramp, speeding up their escape into the forest considerably,
> albeit with a lot less control.
> [/Lady Frost]

The ice ramp causes the soldiers to completely lose control, but it gets 
them into the forest in seconds as opposed to minutes.

> [Koba]
> Hands now steadier as his inate fear of the demon passes, he flips
> he selector switch on the rifle to single shot and turns around the
> edge of the tree to take aim. Looking down the sights, Koba notices
> the airship in the background as it edges closer. Getting to the elf
> is no longer an option. Looking around him, he knows he is not strong
> enough without power armor to help carry the wounded with him. Over
> the radio he screams out, "Incoming bombers! Clear out now!" With
> that he takes off in a direction perpendicular to the path of the
> incoming bombers to get as far away as possible looking for a large
> crator or gorge where he may avoid the bombs.
> [/Koba]

Koba is caught in Lady Frost's ice ramp and finds himself sliding at 
great speed towards the forest.  Within moments he's within the eaves 
and lying in a shallow ditch.

> [Alex]
> Alex ducks for cover when the bomber goes into its attack run. At
> the moment, she considers the She will wait until the aircraft is
> climbing up from its attack. At that time, she will fire a three
> round burst. At a stabilizer if one is visible, otherwise the main
> body. [Strike: 16]
> [/Alex]

Alex's burst hits the large aircraft on one of the stabilizers [Damage: 
50MD], doing some damage but not enough to stop it.

Still, some of the knights, inspired by Alex's shot, take aim and fire 
as well.  The large craft begins increasing altitude to take itself out 
of the way of weapons fire.

> [Lady Frost]
> "I'll distract the demony thing, you two round everyone up and
> boogie. I'll catch up."
> She sprinted out from behind the cover and headed for the big red
> demon, hurling a spray of ice shards at it as it tried to get to it's
> feet [Strike: 14].
> [/Lady Frost]

The demon, though injured, is clearly one tough bastard.  It tries to 
leap to its feet, but with the dogs Poby and Deem keeping it at bay, and 
its own legs injured, it's all it can do to stay upright.  It lifts its 
hands palms outward, though its not obvious what its trying to do 
[Dodge: Natural 20].

The shards seem to hit a wall of force and smash into glinting pieces.

The demon laughs.  "Better fun now!" it cries as it leaps towards Lady 
Frost in an attempt to tackle her [Strike: 19].

Lady Frost is unable to dodge [Dodge: 1 critical failure], and she 
suddenly finds an insanely heavy demon whose skin seems to burn as it 
touches her.  Apparently it causes the demon pain too as it roars.

All everyone else sees is the demon and Lady Frost on the ground and 
then there are great gushes of steam.

One of the jets is now apparently in position as it releases a bomb.  It 
misses the company by about fifty feet, but the force of the explosion 
literally throws everyone within vicinity [OOC: not Koba, Alex or 
Louissa] back [Damage: 4 SDC].  Another jet is almost in position as well.

Aaron Clausen

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