[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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The demon laughs.  "Better fun now!" it cries as it leaps towards Lady Frost in an attempt to tackle her.

Lady Frost is unable to dodge, and she suddenly finds an insanely heavy demon whose skin seems to burn as it touches her.  Apparently it causes the demon pain too as it roars.

All everyone else sees is the demon and Lady Frost on the ground and then there are great gushes of steam.

One of the jets is now apparently in position as it releases a bomb.  It misses the company by about fifty feet, but the force of the explosion literally throws everyone within vicinity back.  Another jet is almost in position as well.

[Lady Frost]
"AHHHHHHH!!"  Even as she cries out in pain from the searing, melting heat, she doesn't try to get herself away from it, accepting the fact she's pinned by launching full strength punches at it's head and body.
She also wraps her own legs around the demon's, adding to the amount of contact, and pain, but providing her leverage to keep it from getting up and also adding to the pain and injury -it- seems to be getting from this contact as well.
Grinning through the pain she continued her own assault adding  "Nice work speedbag.  You just gave me great cover from those bombers."  She emphasized her insult by punching it in the head one more time.
[/Lady Frost]
(( OOC:  Using all of my attacks except one this round for a change, which I show as being 4 attacks per round at 5d6MDC each.  Given the situation, I'm not thinking there'll be much dodging.  If I have to use that 5th attack as the leg wrapping, that's fine.  If not, add it to the punches. ))
(( Second OOC:  Could you tell me what my MDC/HP are currently?  I seem to have lost track ))
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