[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Mon May 16 20:17:21 UTC 2011

>> [GM]
>> Lady Frost is unable to dodge [Dodge: 1 critical failure], and she
>> suddenly finds an insanely heavy demon whose skin seems to burn as
>> it touches her. Apparently it causes the demon pain too as it
>> roars.
>> All everyone else sees is the demon and Lady Frost on the ground
>> and then there are great gushes of steam.
>> One of the jets is now apparently in position as it releases a
>> bomb. It misses the company by about fifty feet, but the force of
>> the explosion literally throws everyone within vicinity [OOC: not
>> Koba, Alex or Louissa] back [Damage: 4 SDC]. Another jet is almost
>> in position as well.
>> [/GM]

> [Lady Frost]
> "AHHHHHHH!!" Even as she cries out in pain from the searing, melting
> heat, she doesn't try to get herself away from it, accepting the fact
> she's pinned by launching full strength punches at it's head and
> body. She also wraps her own legs around the demon's, adding to the
> amount of contact, and pain, but providing her leverage to keep it
> from getting up and also adding to the pain and injury -it- seems to
> be getting from this contact as well.
> Grinning through the pain she continued her own assault adding "Nice
> work speedbag. You just gave me great cover from those bombers." She
> emphasized her insult by punching it in the head one more time.
> [Strikes: 23,10,22,17]
> [/Lady Frost]

Frost lays four powerful punches on the demon's head [Damage Total: 
82MDC].  The demon seems almost to be made of megadamage stone by the 
way it's head takes the blows, though finally the last blow seems to 
change more to the feel of rubber as opposed to rock.  The demon's head 
is whipped violently with each punch, and apart from anything else, the 
demon's eyes seem almost to be rolling around in its head.

> [Justin]
> Justin slings his cannon as he runs over to the demon and the
> newcomer, and when he arrives he grabs the demon by the back of the
> neck [Grab Strike: 18+10=28] and hauls him off the woman, attempting
> to punch the demon in the face as he does so with a power punch
> (literally bringing his hand holding the demon together with his
> other fist) [Punch Strike: 12+10=22] [Punch Damage: 50 MDC]
> [/Justin]

Justin can only partially "detach" the demon from the newcomer because 
she has wrapped her legs around the demon.  Still, he gets his powerful 
blow in, and after the damage that the newcomer has done, this time 
there's a pretty visible effect as Justin's fist knocks several pointed 
teeth flying, along with smoking blood.

Despite the injury the demon is still able to try to inflict some 
damage, attempting to smash its fist into Justin's power armor [Strike: 
Natural 20].  Justin is unable to dodge [Dodge: 27], and the fist dents 
the power armor's chest [Damage: 30MDC].

> [Alex]
> If Alex does not see anything dive bombing her at the moment, she
> will sling her rifle and charge the demon with her dagger drawn. Her
> running speed should enable her to reach the demon in three seconds.
> She will try to stab the thing with the dagger [Strike: 24].
> [/Alex]

The demon sees Alex coming, but between Lady Frost and Justin, it has 
little room to dodge.  It does attempt to [Dodge: 8], but Alex's knife 
pierces its chest [Damage: 22MDC].  The knife seems to slide through 
what must be a tremendously thick hide and into what passes for soft 

The demon roars in agony, and Lady Frost feels the heat where her icy 
skin touches its hide increasing until its almost unbearable [Damage: 
2MDC/melee].  The demon claws at the knife, as the knife, almost tearing 
itself out of Alex's hand, tries to worm itself in further.

While everyone else is either running or battling the demon, Ted makes a 
dash for the ring lying on the ground next to writhing Arsendel.  With 
no one else seemingly interested, Ted grabs the ring.

> [Owen]
> Owen, will reverse his course and head back away as quick as he can
> to try to get out of the blast radius of the incoming attack.
> [/Owen]

Carlos does the same.

Both Owen and Carlos make it into the eaves of the wood.  It's absolute 
chaos, with men trying to treat their injured comrades.

It's then that both men notice that the woods seem to be moving and 
rippling like air above a hot fire.  They, and several other men, 
apparently, feel almost a sense of vertigo.  It's then that Carlos and 
Owen notice vines moving towards them at very great speed, and further 
in the distance, some sort of small winged creatures that look almost 
like... well... angry faeries!

> [Koba]
> Stepping into a sheet of ice was unexpected and sends him spinning
> into the woods. When he recovers, he will pull out his handheld video
> camera and try to take some shots of the demon they have encountered
> from a safe distance. It is hard for him to tell exactly what is
> going on with Lady Frost from this far away.
> [/Koba]

 From what Koba can see, it's an all out struggle.  It will make for 
some pretty interesting pictures; a demon, an ice lady, a guy in power 
armor and a red-haired woman plunging something into the demon's chest.

That is until Koba feels something grab his legs and yank him into the 
woods with incredible ferocity...

Aaron Clausen

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