[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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>> [GM]
>> As the demon, Alex, Justin and Lady Frost grapple, the next bombs fall,
>> the nearest not more than forty feet away from the four of them, and
>> blasting them all off their feet and on to the ground several feet away [SDC
>> Damage: Justin and Alex, being squishy people, receive 6 SDC from the
>> concussion and the brief period of flight.]
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> The red haired scout does not like the idea of eating a creatures soul but
> will go ahead and stab and the creature again.
> Alex does not know which is worse, the demon or the fighters attacking them.
> She knows now how the enemies of the Coalition feel about being attacked by
> aircraft.
> [/Alex]

Alex plunges the dagger back into the demon [Strike: 20, not natural,
Damage: 27MD].  This time, however, the roar is cut off.  The demon's
red skin begins to turn to grey.  It's eyes widen and it whimpers

Meanwhile, the blade seems almost to weld itself to Alex's hand as it
burrows into the demon's seemingly impregnable flesh.  In moments, the
wound is nearly eight inches wide and Alex's arm is buried up to her

For a moment nothing seems to happen, and then there is blinding
flash.  The demon's body, now clearly a corpse, seems to sag like a
deflated balloon.

Alex, on the other hand, is glowing brightly.  Her eyes are literally
shining as she stands over the demon's corpse.  The knife itself is
literally singing, like a high pitched pipe organ.

Justin's dogs, Poby and Deem, bark frantically and with a tinge of
fear, backing away from Alex.  Their tails certainly aren't between
their legs, but they don't look nearly as brave as they did when
facing the demon.

Ted makes his way quickly back to the others.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Koba is still being pulled back back
powerful vines.  Carlos and Owen, faced with a rather angry looking
group of faeries, are stunned.

Even more stunning is a large rock about fifteen feet away suddenly
lifting out of the ground on hinges and a broad-faced man with a long
flowing white beard popping his head up.  Another man, with a black
beard quickly follows.  Both are wearing silvery helms and look to
have some rather medieval looking hauberks on.

"Oy, you two, get yer mates and move!" the older white-haired one
shouts.  "Them faeries are right pissed at those Kittani, and they
won't give a dragon's turd whether you guys are Splugorth minions or

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